So, what is radical self-acceptance?

I am trying to recollect what comes to mind when I hear the words “self-acceptance.” I suppose I am reminded of the monotony of grade school lectures, having attended a middle school where self-acceptance was simply the topic of infrequent, yet inevitable, discussions that arose from time to time whenever there was the slightest scent […]

We Need To Talk About Bill

So, who exactly is Bill? Where does he live and what does he do? What are his likes and dislikes? Well, I can say this much. I have encountered Bill in many different places and within many different discussions. I have even seen him in magazine articles, television interviews, networking events, speaking conferences, etc. You […]

Hair Styling: An Underrepresented Art

I want to advocate for an art form that has seemingly been somewhat tossed to the wayside and for reasons that I have yet to truly comprehend. While doing a quick internet search for the word ‘art,’ one of many definitions defines it as: “the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically […]

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