Yes! Our products are 100% vegan.

Not at all!! In fact, it’s probably best to not even think of our shampoo as simply just another “shampoo.” Our 2-in-1 shampoo + concentrated scalp serum was specifically designed to deliver a proprietary blend of botanicals and probiotics to your scalp. It was engineered this way to deliver the highest quality and quantity of our scalp enhancing ingredients, while optimizing the delivery system with a thinner solution. It has all the same cleansing capabilities as a premium shampoo but with a superior scalp supporting serum.

The double shampoo method is just how it sounds. Apply shampoo. Cleanse and rinse thoroughly. And then repeat. This approach allows for the enhanced removal of any buildup on your hair and for a more thorough cleanse. Also, if you’re someone who just can’t live without those bubbles, we get it! And this method will help create a “sudsier” experience.

Yes! What you are actually experiencing is our unique blend of botanicals and probiotics in action. You’ll grow to love it!

Yes! All products have been both clinically and dermatologist tested.

See #3 above. We are first in class to design a cleansing serum and we cant wait for you to try it!

Yes! Many of the ingredients we use in our proprietary formula have the reputation of enhancing scalp and skin health. And a healthier scalp means healthier hair. Even thinning and balding people can benefit from our scalp set as our ingredients have been used in soothing many unwanted scalp conditions such as itchy or dry scalp.

Yes! It is our hopes to create a variety of different products and lines that contain the same cutting-edge innovations as our debut shampoo/conditioner. However, we are a startup. Right now, our focus is establishing great relationships with our customers and hearing about your wants and needs.

You can reach us at . One of our team members will respond within 24 hours and we would love to chat with you on just about anything!




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