Welcome to ArtKG

Are your products all natural?
Our products are 100% vegan, 100% gluten free, and contain about 90% all natural ingredients.


Can I return my shampoo/conditioner if I try it and don’t like it?
Absolutely! Please see our “Luv it or Shove it” Return policy here.


Why is my shampoo so runny? Should I be worried?
Not at all! In fact, our shampoo was engineered to specifically penetrate the widest range of hair types as possible to establish better contact with the scalp. As a result, we made it thinner so it would rest more easily on your scalp and because of this, it performs better. If you are concerned about spilling from your palm, we recommend applying it directly from the bottle onto your scalp.


What is the “Double Shampoo Method?”
The double shampoo method is just how it sounds. Apply shampoo. Cleanse and rinse thoroughly. And then repeat. This approach allows for the enhanced removal of any buildup on your hair and for a more thorough cleanse. Also, if you’re someone who just can’t live without those bubbles, we get it! And this method will help create a “sudsier” experience.


I noticed when I apply the conditioner, it feels unlike anything I have experienced with other conditioners. What’s going on here and will it still leave my hair soft and smooth?
Great question. And yes! What you are experiencing is a product that has been thoroughly stripped of all the unnecessary junk that typically exists in many other hair and beauty products. It is truly a NUDE line. Once you rinse and gently brush/comb, you should experience a wonderfully unique softness and shine.


Are all your products clinically tested?
Yes! All ART.kg products have been both clinically and dermatologist tested.


What makes you guys unique?
We developed a new class of shampoo’s that we are calling “micro-suds.” Our shampoo is thin in consistency which provides a remarkably unique wash. And when paired with our conditioner, which is thicker but not heavy, you truly get one very different and one very badass wash/rinse experience! Give it a try and you’ll see what we mean. You can also visit our ingredients page here to learn about the many other wonderful characteristics that make us unique.


Do your products really contain “Scalp Enhancing Technology?”
Yes! The ingredients we selected to use in our shampoo/conditioner all have the reputation of enhancing scalp health. And a healthier scalp means healthier hair. Even thinning and balding people can benefit from improving their scalp health.


Are you going to release more hair products?
Yes! It is our hopes to create a variety of different products and lines that contain the same cutting-edge innovations as our debut shampoo/conditioner. However, we are a startup. Right now, our focus is establishing great relationships with our customers and hearing about your wants and needs.


How can I contact you?
You can reach us at iamconfident@artkg.com . One of our team members will respond within 24 hours and we would love to chat with you on just about anything!