Our Ingredients


Here are just a few of the groundbreaking ingredients used in ART.kg Shampoo & Conditioner.

Not only do our products contain healthy & eco-friendly ingredients that include therapeutic properties for your hair and scalp, but they are paired with a customized wash/rinse regimen based on your personal hair care needs and one that creates an optimized and consistent outcome with each and every use. Take our online quiz and when your order arrives, simply scan the QR code on your bottle to receive our recommended wash/rinse methods.







*For a full list of our ingredients, please reach out to us here and we will gladly send you a full and conclusive list. We’d love to hear from you!  



Quinoa Protein – This revolutionary ingredient has the reputation for optimizing hair color & shine as well as adding a more concentrated color with film-forming properties to protect hair & skin from environmental stress.

Red Clover – Best known for preserving or “anchoring” hair fibers into the scalp & contributing to growth cycles by directly supporting the structure of the hair follicles. Additionally, red clover has been reported to improve hair texture, appearance, and overall quality.

Green Tea Extract – It has been said that green tea extract may be linked to hair growth & the prevention of damaged skin and hair cells caused by environmental stress while stimulating hair growth.

Bacillus Ferment – That right! We are proud to announce that both our shampoo & conditioner contain a unique blend of topical probiotics. It is said that these natural enzymes eliminate dead skin cells to smooth the skins surface which supports a healthy scalp and hair.



Aloe Vera – An undoubtedly popular ingredient that has been used for a variety of treatments for thousands of years. Aloe has a well-known reputation for promoting hair growth while calming an itchy scalp & providing a safe & natural cleaning that strengthens and repairs hair strands.

Shea Butter & Jojoba Oil - By containing both vitamin A & E with essential fatty acids, shea butter, along with Jojoba oil are best known for delivering a wide range of hair benefits to include reducing dryness & fizz, enhancing softness, preventing split ends, and all the while increasing shine and moisturization. Many suggest this power-team may even protect color treated hair from heat damage. Many troublesome hair types such as course or curly hair can benefit greatly from these ingredients.

Rice Bran Oil - This powerhouse ingredient is not only rich in Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids that reportedly nourish your hair and promote healthy hair follicles, but many have reported that it also serves as a protectant from UV rays & even early signs of greying.

Betaine – This naturally occurring ingredient can be derived from beets, spinach, and even certain seafoods, and is best known for its hydration benefits which can improve hair strength and silkiness.

Lactobacillus Ferment All of the same benefits as the Bacillus Ferment featured in our shampoo but with an even greater presence of antimicrobial properties.