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Cleansing Scalp Serum

(9 customer reviews)

Say hello to your new scalp companion! This is not merely a brush—it’s an experience


Our 100% vegan, therapeutic scalp enhancing shampoo + concentrated scalp serum contains an innovative new formula that has combined the cleansing benefits of a premium shampoo with the scalp performance that is typically only delivered through scalp oils…until now. This unique product delivers a proprietary formula designed to penetrate a wide range a hair types with a delivery system engineered to rest easily upon the scalp. Our formula contains a blend of natural botanicals and topical probiotics that were specifically included in our ingredients to help restore and rebalance the scalps microbiome. This shampoo is intended to be paired with’s Therapeutic Conditioning Treatment for optimum scalp & hair performance.

  • Micro-circulation Boost: Advanced bristle technology gently massages the scalp, increasing blood flow and facilitating essential nutrient delivery to hair follicles. Regular use can rejuvenate the scalp, leading to healthier hair growth.
  • Shinier Hair: Enhanced blood circulation promotes a natural shine, making your hair look vibrant.
  • Therapeutic Experience: The massage effect relaxes the scalp, offering a moment of daily tranquility.
  • Cost-effective: The brush’s durability ensures you don’t have to frequently replace it, making it a one-time wise investment.
  • Anti-Static Technology: Minimize the risk of flyaways and static hair every time you brush, maintaining that sleek, smooth look.

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9 reviews for Cleansing Scalp Serum

  1. Gina (verified owner)

    This product is unlike anything I have ever tried before. I have struggled finding a shampoo and conditioner for my dry and sometimes painful scalp and this line that I have never heard of blew me away. The washing process takes a little getting used to as its a fairly runny shampoo but the way it made my scalp and hair feel after my wash is unlike anything. Would definitely recommend if you want a natural product that leaves your scalp and hair feeling amazing. Fragrance is great also.

  2. Matt

    This product was recommended by my barber. I was unsure at first because I hadn’t heard of the brand before. After using it regularly for a few weeks it seemed to work well for me since I’m in a humid environment. I have thick hair and the shampoo seemed a little runny at first, but applying directly to my scalp from the bottle helped. It doesn’t quite create the same sudsy feeling as traditional shampoos but the results speak for themselves.

  3. Jennifer

    I’ve tried to find a decent shampoo for years for my fine, lifeless hair. When I discovered this shampoo I wasn’t sure I liked it at first because it doesn’t get sudsy like other shampoos I’ve used. To my surprise, after taking the online hair type quiz and washing my hair as directed, I fell in love with this newness!

  4. Dominic

    I used this product for the first time after seeing it advertised while flicking through TikTok videos. The all natural/earthy aspect caught my eye and I am not disapointed. The shampoo goes on differently and doesn’t sud up at first but I followed the directions and washed a second time and it reacted differently in my hair. It does not have a strong smell either which is nice because I tend to be sensitive to strong fragrance. I think each person just needs to try it for him/herself to really get the full affect

  5. Rose

    Very different of anything I have ever tried. Love it!

  6. Raven (verified owner)

    This stuff is super weird but super effective. Absolutely love the shampoo/serum. Four stars because it took a little over a month to work but after about six weeks of using, I completely stopped all other scalp oils. I recommend!

  7. Clare B. (verified owner)

    Loving me some runny POO!!! haha….though the name of their line is a bit unsettling!

  8. Maria P (verified owner)

    I’ve looked everywhere for a really good shampoo and conditioner and this product did not disappoint! Absolutely love the smell too! My hairdresser had tried it on my hair the other day and I fell in love with the product!

  9. Erica Abraham

    This shampoo is amazing! I was a little thrown off by the texture at first, but runny POO for the win! My scalp and hair were VERY happy with this shampoo!

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Engineered to penetrate both common AND unique hair types

100% Vegan

Manufactured in the U.S.

Gender Neutral Scent

Cruelty Free

Customized Wash/ Rinse Regimen



No Parabens​

No Sulfates

No GMO's

No Phthlates

No Gluten

New to cleansing scalp serums? We got you and your hair covered! Take our quiz to get customized wash/rinse recommendations that are specifically matched to your hair type.



Quinoa Protein

This revolutionary ingredient has the reputation for optimizing hair color & shine as well as adding a more concentrated color with film-forming properties to protect hair & skin from environmental stress.

Red Clover

Best known for preserving or “anchoring” hair fibers into the scalp & contributing to growth cycles by directly supporting the structure of the hair follicles. Additionally, red clover has been reported to improve hair texture, appearance, and overall quality.

Green Tea Extract

It has been said that green tea extract may be linked to hair growth & the prevention of damaged skin and hair cells caused by environmental stress while stimulating hair growth.

Bacillus Ferment

That right! We are proud to announce that both our shampoo & conditioner contain a unique blend of topical probiotics. It is said that these natural enzymes eliminate dead skin cells to smooth the skins surface which supports a healthy scalp and hair.




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